Temporary Gallery & Studio Closing

March 18,2020

Covid-19 Gallery Update

To our Members and Patrons:

The direction of both the pandemic and new regulations continue to change day to day and sometimes hour to hour. More and more people have heeded warnings against leaving their homes and imposing “self-isolation” in order to lessen the risk of contracting the virus and/or spreading the virus.

PLEASE check on family and neighbors who cannot get out to purchase basic items and medicines. Help them if you can! It is time for us all to help each other get through this crisis.

Due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, the health of our staff, volunteers, patrons and recommendations of our local officials the Gateway Gallery & Emporium and Gateway Studio will be closed beginning Thursday, March 19th until social isolation is no longer necessary. The April opening exhibit reception, events, workshops and classes have been postponed until further notice.

We will continue and expand our on-line presence in order to continue promoting our members artwork that has been installed in the gallery and gift shop for the rest of this month and next. Member artists who have artworks in the current exhibit may leave it here. However, if you would prefer to pick up your artworks please call Lauren at 727-873-9374, or Bobbi at 727-505-5757. We will arrange to meet you at the gallery.

We are also working up on-line challenges, exhibits, etc. to help alleviate any boredom they may occur during isolation. We will keep you posted through “Constant Contact” emails. Please continue to look for Gallery Updates in “Private”, “Social”, “Promotions” and “Spam”. If you need to pick anything up from the gallery or studio, you may call me (Lauren Carr) at 727-873-9374 and I can arrange to meet you there if possible.

Meanwhile, all stay well, take the necessary and common-sense precautions. I pray we make it through this crisis unscathed and in good health both physically and financially.

God Bless,

Lauren Carr


Gateway Gallery & Emporium, Inc.